This guide is applicable for aXesW3 and mobile only.

When creating an aXes terminal session, you have the option of enabling SSL.

For SSL to work, you either need a valid certificate from a certificate authority on the server, or you need to use a self-signed certificate.

If you want to use a self-signed certificate with iOS7, you also need to install the certificate on each device. This is done by emailing a .cer file as an attachment to each device.

The methods of generating a .cer file for a self-signed certificate vary, but the following screen shots help understand the general process.

Using the related links tab on the http administrator:

Image Image Image

Now you have a file CA.cer you can email to the devices that want to use the SSL connection.

On the device, receive and view the email and touch the attachment on it:



Then install the certificate:


You can work with and remove certificates in the device settings à General à Profiles.

Note that the host the self-signed certificate is created for must exactly match the host on the aXes terminal session definition.

For aXes terminal sessions, the host must be the fully qualified name, not just a name that gets resolved to the host address.

Note that the correct certificate type is PEM (.cer), not PFX.


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