Server URL

Specifies the LongReach service URL (for example,


Root Folder

Specifies the initial folder (on the remote system) that this document library should connect to.


You can also use two special values when specifying Root Folder:

{BASE} specifies the user’s home directory on the server

{SHARED} specifies “shared” or “public” home directory on the server.


LongReach calculates the effective value of BASE and SHARED based on settings in the LongReach configuration file.

{BASE} and {SHARED} can be followed by path representing sub-directories.

For example: {SHARED}/Photos


However {BASE} and {SHARED}, if used, must appear at the beginning of the path, and it should not be preceded by ‘/’.

For example, this is NOT valid: "/{BASE}"


User (as specified in the Credential)

The user must have been granted permission (on the server) to access the specified folder.

User permissions are specified in the LongReach configuration file. See LongReach documentation for more details.


Advanced Details


Force per-credential root folder

By default (when this option is OFF), multiple users (credentials) will share the same local repository of files.

An exception to this is when {BASE} special folder is specified, in which case the behaviour is the same as when this option is turned on.

When this option is ON, each user (credential) will have their own local repository of files (ie. separate root directory, one per user).

Note that this setting only affects how files are stored locally on the device (this has nothing to do with files on the server).


Root folder

By default, when you define a Document Library menu item, the path to the documents are obscure and hard to deduce.

This can become a problem when you are scripting to access files (get/put) on the document library storage folder.

The Root folder option allows you to “fix” the root directory of your documents on the device. You can set the “Root folder” setting above to point to your own directory, for example “/MyFiles”. Your script can then refer to the documents in the “Document Library” as “/MyFiles/xxxxxxx”.




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