About aXes

aXes comprises an application server, a terminal server, a spool file server, a data explorer server, and a set of tools that allow you to distribute existing AS/400 and iSeries applications via a TCP/IP network using a web browser. The application server component is called aXes-W3, the terminal server component is called aXes-TS, the spool file server component is called aXes-WS, and the data explorer server is called aXes-DE. Multiple instances of each server can be active at the same time. CL commands are provided to start, stop and manage these servers.

About aXes Terminal Server

Terminal Server features

aXes Terminal Server is an effective host access solution that is managed from a standard web server. Offering all of the advanced features found in desktop-based solutions within a browser-based interface. The aXes Terminal Server lowers your Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) for host access by exploiting the infrastructure of the Web and internet-based protocols. The aXes Terminal Server provides unprecedented control over host connectivity combined with centralized configuration, licence management, and security.

The aXes Terminal Server is an advanced host-based solution that provides access to enterprise applications via an industry standard Web browser interface in XML format over the Web or company intranet.

Using a browser, users simply access an URL — eliminating the need to install software and user configurations on the individual desktops. Users access their host-based applications in a variety of styles, with a click of the mouse via their web browser.

The aXes Terminal Server uses open standards to ensure host access is quickly, efficiently, and securely managed between browser-based client and host application resulting in lower network traffic than native terminal protocols. You get reduced telecommunication, administration, and client management costs with decreased complexity.

Terminal sessions created by the aXes Terminal Server can optionally access the full batch CPW capacity of your host system. These terminal sessions have the appearance and behaviour of normal interactive jobs but they are not counted as interactive jobs by the interactive CPW monitor. Terminal sessions created by the aXes Terminal Server are independent of terminal sessions created by other mechanisms such as Telnet. Telnet and other emulator sessions continue to be counted against available interactive CPW.

The ability to access the full batch CPW is enabled by the aXes Intersession configuration directive. See the Terminal Server configuration in this guide for a detailed explanation of the syntax.

aXes-TS and aXes-TS2

aXes versions prior to version 1.35 included a browser interface engine known as aXes-TS and it supported only Internet Explorer.

aXes version 1.35 introduced aXes-TS2, a second browser interface engine which allows aXes 5250 sessions to be used with additional browsers:

  • Chrome (Google)
  • Firefox (Mozilla)
  • Internet Explorer (Microsoft)

aXes users can choose either aXes-TS or aXes-TS2 by changing the URL they use to start their aXes 5250 session. This means that aXes-TS and aXes-TS2 browser sessions can be run side by side on the same Windows PC.

aXes-TS2 also enables you to work with mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads to provide modernized web browser access to IBM i based application from any device.

When working as an aXes designer with aXes-TS2 you are seeing an aXes-TS session and you need to use Internet Explorer 8 (or later) to customize your applications. You can deploy the resulting aXes application and use it with any of the supported browsers.

The aXes-TS2 engine can apply AutoGUI rules to screens that have been customized. The aXes-TS engine does not support this feature. The screen level property named, disableAutoGUI, allows you to control this in aXes-TS2, but it is ignored by aXes-TS.

About aXes Application Server

aXes Application Server is a fast, secure, non-blocking application server for the IBM i (System i, iSeries and AS/400). Its features include:

  • A light foot print; small memory utilization and low CPU consumption
  • Authentication
  • Embedded database support
  • Embedded scripting
  • FastCGI
  • HTTP 1.1 support
  • Logging
  • Multiple instances
  • Simple installation and configuration
  • SSL support


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