Device selection is controlled by the <prod-dir>/ts/admin/tslogonexit.lua script. The script processes any substitution values specified in the device name component of the user definition.

The tslogonexit.lua script may be modified by customers to satisfy unique device naming requirements. Be aware that an exception in the script is likely to cause the server to fail so test any script changes thoroughly in a development server before making them available in a production server. The Lua Virtual Machine in aXes Terminal Server is Lua 5 so you must use Lua 5 functions and syntax if you modify this script.

The script is read into storage when the server is started so you must end and restart the server before any changes take effect.

If the tslogonexit.lua script is not found during server start up then a message is sent to the job log of the server job and default behaviour is used. The default behaviour respects the enable/disable flag and the IP mask setting.



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