The aXes FastCGI External Server feature may be used to achieve this type of configuration:

Figure 1: aXes FastCGI External Server

In this configuration the aXes-TS server runs on an IBM i server located behind a firewall. This provides an extra layer of security by not directly exposing the IBM i server to the Internet. However, this configuration prevents the use of aXes eXtensions.

Reverse proxy is a superior option for implementing this type of configuration.

A reverse proxy solution:

  • Provides the same level of security with the IBM i server behind a firewall.
  • Simplifies configuration and maintenance.
  • Allows the use of aXes eXtensions.

You cannot use aXes eXtensions when you configure aXes with a FastCGI External Server.

Another advantage of a reverse proxy configuration is the separation of network configuration from aXes configuration. No FastCGI configuration is required on the proxy server outside the firewall. Network administrators can manage and

maintain the reverse proxy configuration without having to learn how to configure aXes.

Figure 2: aXes with a Proxy Server

Please talk to your aXes reseller about using a reverse proxy solution before attempting to implement a FastCGI External Server solution.


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