I want to always use the “Modern” look for all my group box eXtensions, can I do this without having to change the “look” property of each group box?

Yes. However, this feature is only available in TS Developer and TS2 Developer (TS2 Developer aXes 311.001 and latest releases).

When an eXtension is applied to a screen element, it is created based on a template. Every eXtension template is customizable – so what you need to do is to customize the group box template. Follow these steps to change the group box template’s “look” property to “modern”:

TS developer tools

  1. Switch the aXes Designer’s view to Application Properties by clicking on the View Application Properties button at the bottom of the window.
  2. Click on the Edit Application Properties button to switch to edit mode.
  3. Click on the Edit Extensions button at the bottom of the window.
  4. The Customize eXtensions window will appear, showing customizable eXtensions and a property sheet showing their current default values. Select Group Box in the drop down. Change the “look” property to “Modern”
  5. Close this window. Now save the changes you made by clicking on the Save button at the top of the aXes Designer window. You should see a message indicating a successful save.

TS2 developer tools

  1. Select Application from the Extendable Objects dropdown list in Developer and eXtensions tab. Click Edit Items button of the eXtensions property at Extension Template section.
  2. Edit Extensions Template window will appear. showing customizable eXtensions and a property sheet showing their current default values. Select Group Box in the drop down. Change the “look” property from ”Classic” to “Modern”. Click Ok button to close the window.
  3. Now click the Save button to save the change you made on Application properties.

Now whenever you apply the group box eXtension to a screen element, you will see that the “look” property is always set to “Modern” by default.

When I have modified a property in an eXtension template, can I override the property value in certain eXtension instances?

Yes you can. Remember that what you modify in the template is just a default value. You can always set a different value in your actual eXtension instances.

What else do I need to know about customizing eXtension templates?

  • Customize as early as possible before you start applying eXtensions to the screen elements.
  • Customizing templates instead of modifying properties of each eXtension instances will result in a smaller screen definition file (which means faster download from the server) as AXES only stores properties whose values are different from the default.
  • The “style” property of various eXtensions (e.g. button eXtensions) is a particularly good example of a property that should be set once only in the template as you would normally want all buttons to have the same style.

When I change the default “style” property of button eXtension, would this affect those buttons I created prior to this point?

Yes – as long as you haven’t modified the “style” property of those buttons. Remember that AXES physically stores only values that are different from their default values. So if you put various button eXtensions on your screen and you didn’t touch the “style” property of those buttons, any changes made to “style” property in the button template will immediately be reflected in all existing button instances.


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