Tutorial 14. 1

TS2 Developer Tools. 1

Basic Screen Enhancement. 1

You must complete Tutorial 1 and 2 first. 1

Using the aXes Designer Window.. 1

Screen Mode. 1

Screen Customization. 1

Customize a User field. 1

Deleting User Field. 1

Field Customization. 1

Alignment Tools. 1



Basic Screen Enhancement

You must complete Tutorial 1 and 2 first

TS1 Developer tool is assumed knowledge for this tutorial.

If you have not completed related to TS1 developer tools please do so before attempting this tutorial.

Using the aXes Designer Window

Using your desktop short cut open the aXes Projects Home Page.



Sign on as an aXes developer and select your project from the list on the right.

Then use the Work as TS2 Developer option to start an aXes development session.

Sign on to a 5250 session.


Display the System I Main Menu.


Check that the aXes Screens tab shows the screen name MAIN, which you assigned in tutorial 1(ts1 development):


Now click on the eXtensions Tab and select application. It should look like this:



Screen Mode


TS2 developer tools have 2 screen mode that can be switched between designer screen mode and normal screen mode. When customizing a screen it is recommended to switch to designer screen mode.


Designer Screen mode (lock screen)

A grid will show.

Adjusting Grid click  this button and a dialog box grid setting will pop up.


Screen Customization

To start customizing the screen you can choose on customizing automatically generated field or add a user field.

Customize automatically generated field.



1.                   Select any one of Unnamed field

2.                   Click the Customize Field menu items, properties of default visualization becomes enabled (view styles become Edit Styles.. button)

3.                   Click Edit style… button on the style properties of default visualization.

4.                   Then Edit Style dialog appear where on you can add or defines your custom styles.



5.                   Click Ok, styles will be applied instantly.

6.                   Click Save Button on the upper left corner of Extension Tab to save your customization.

Customize a User field.



  1. Click Add User Field menu item
  2. Drag the User Field across the desired position of the screen
  3. Click Add Extension menu items

  1. An add eXtension Dialog box will show up.

  1. Select Push Button and click Add.
  2. A push button extension will be added to user field.
  3. Then you can fill up its properties, like caption, styles and events.
  4. Click Save Button on the upper left corner of Extension Tab to save your customization.



Deleting User Field


Added User field can be deleted but automatically generated field is not allowed.

Select a user field and the delete user field option is enabled.

Select a automatically generated field and the delete user field options is disabled.


Field Customization

Substitute extension of automatically generated Field or replacing default visualization with other extensions.


  1. Select the field and Click Customize field


  1. Click then Add eXtension



  1. Select push button from the eXtension dialog box and Click Add


  1. A Button extension will be added to the field


  1. Then click Delete menu items to delete the existing default visualization


  1. The results is only the button extension remain on the field



Revert to default visualization


  1. Click Revert to Default menu items then it will change back to default visualization



  1. This is the results.


Alignment Tools


  1. Selecting multiple extension (field) items will enable the alignment button.

  1. Then you can choose from the alignment menu items which function do want to perform.



  1. Click Align left Edges, will align all the selected extension (field) items to the left.