New features

aXes Management Console

aXes automatically transforms IBM i 5250 applications into browser-based applications and includes tools to customize and modernize the design and layout of the user interface. aXes supports all standard web browsers, and no software is required to be installed on the client device.

With the new aXes management console in 4.2.1, aXes administrators no longer need to perform the tedious and error prone task of programmatically modifying a file to configure and manage the settings of their aXes instance and web server. Configurations and changes can be quickly made through an easy-to-use web interface by simply toggling settings on/off, selecting from available configurations, copying configurations, and more. The new aXes management console is supported on all major browsers.


Consolidated hotfixes

The 4.2.1 release also includes 30+ quality enhancements for customer reported issues.

Since aXes version 4.2.0 many new features and corrections have been issued as hotfixes. These hotfixes have been consolidated into aXes version 4.2.1. The full list of list of fixes and enhancements consolidated into aXes 4.2.1 is available from the aXes Forum. Release Notes aXes 4.2.1


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